Special track 8

Digital Health Innovations for Sustainable Business Models

SPECIAL SESSION TITLE: Digital Health Innovations for Sustainable Business Models



  JEANETH JOHANSSON, Halmstad University & Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, Jeaneth.Johansson@ltu.se

  HÉLÉNE LAURELL, Halmstad University, Sweden


SHORT DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED SPECIAL SESSION TOPIC: Our 2024 conference track, "Digital Health Innovations from an Ecosystem Perspective," is dedicated to addressing the multifaceted challenges and immense possibilities that lie at the intersection of digitalization and healthcare. The commercialisation and implementation of digital health innovations in healthcare from an ecosystem perspective is a complex undertaking, marked by various challenges for both HealthTech companies and healthcare organisations. For HealthTech companies, these challenges include navigating complex regulatory compliance, ensuring interoperability with existing healthcare systems, conducting rigorous evidence-based validation, achieving financial sustainability, and addressing user adoption resistance. On the other hand, healthcare organisations face budget constraints that limit investments in digital health solutions. They must also contend with challenges related to data integration from various sources, managing the cultural shift toward digital approaches, ensuring data security and privacy, establishing, and adhering to industry standards, addressing scalability issues, and encouraging patient engagement in digital healthcare tools and platforms. These challenges collectively highlight the intricate and multifaceted nature of integrating digital health innovations into the healthcare ecosystem. Successful integration requires a collaborative effort, innovative solutions, and a commitment to addressing these challenges to improve patient care and the overall healthcare experience. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the dialogue on the future of healthcare and digital innovation. Join us in sharing your research, insights, and expertise with a diverse community of scholars and professionals.



      commercialization and implementation of digital health innovations

      business model innovation in the HealthTech industry

      the transformative role of data analytics, AI, ML, and digital platforms in business model innovation

      innovative business models that drive growth and sustainability in HealthTech firms.

      internationalisation strategies for HealthTech firms

      opportunities and challenges in scaling digital health innovations, e.g., Precision health and Remote patient monitoring innovations

      sustainable funding and reimbursement models for digital health innovations

      funding and investment in the digital healthcare ecosystem – financial decision-making by venture capitalists, business angels, governmental financiers

      the sale and procurement process for digital health innovations across different country contexts

      growth strategies in the HealthTech sector, including organic growth, mergers, and acquisitions

      enhancing the quality of healthcare services through digital solutions

      navigating the scaling and commercialization of digital health innovations in regulated healthcare settings

      collaboration models for aligning different actors in a health innovation ecosystem