FEB Odyssey Research Forum

FEB Odyssey Research Forum -  Meet and Interact with Editors

Panel discussion followed by thematic workshops with editors from the following highly ranked journals:

Wim Vanhaverbeke - Technovation (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=12.5, Q1)

Charla Griffy-Brown and Marina Dabić - Technology in Society. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=9.2, Q1)

Marina Dabić - IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=5.8, Q2) & Technological Forecasting and Social Change (WoS & Scopus, IF(2022)=12, Q1)

Sascha Kraus - Review of Managerial Science. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=5.5, Q2) & Small Business Economics ( WoS & Scopus, JIF(2022)=6,4; Q1)

Giacomo Marzi - Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=3.4, Q3)

Alberto Ferraris i Stefano Bresciani - British Food Journal. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=3.3, Q2)

Andrea Caputo - Strategic Change. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=2.8, Q2)

Andreas Kallmuenzer - International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. (WoS & Scopus; IF(2022)=5.5, Q2)

Luca Mora and Dirk Meissner - Technological Forecasting and Social Change (WoS & Scopus, IF(2022)=12, Q1)

The aim of this panel discussion is to bring together eminent journal editors in a constructive discussion related to the journal selection, papers’ submission and review processes, as well as advices to the authors on how to increase the likelihood of paper acceptance for publication and its actual publication.