Intellectual Property

Statement on intellectual property responsibilities

The Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb (further in text: FEB Zagreb), as a publisher of the Conference Proceedings, publishes certain works in exchange for the author’s agreement to license certain exclusive rights in the work to it as publisher. As part of the License to Publish Agreement, the author warrants and represents that the work does not infringe the copyright or violate any other right of any third party. All other intellectual property rights in addition to copyright are retained by the authors and are not the purview of FEB Zagreb. FEB Zagreb’s publication of a paper does not infringe the patent rights of any party because FEB Zagreb is not practicing any invention by merely publishing a paper. FEB Zagreb’s publication of a paper does not infringe any trademark rights of any party because its use of a title for a publication is a fair use.


While FEB Zagreb has a clearly defined statement on the policies and ethics of authors submitting to its Conference Proceedings and journals, and while each paper undergoes a rigorous peer review process, FEB Zagreb, like every other publisher, cannot insure that every statement in every article that it publishes is correct or that no portion of the article has been improperly copied from a prior work. Ultimately, FEB Zagreb must largely rely on the scientific community and authors to sort out the merits and the validity of the claims of each published work, as it and other publishers have done for many decades. In its role as publisher, FEB Zagreb acts quickly and decisively when presented with an issue that falls within its legal scope of concern. For example, if a third-party claim that a paper infringes his or her copyrighted material, FEB Zagreb conducts a thorough examination of that claim and takes appropriate action. However, issues such as who was the first to invent a particular method or technology or whether or not a particular statement in a peer-reviewed, published paper is accurate are issues that should be resolved among the claimant and the author and any questions about those issues should be directed to them. FEB Zagreb does not mediate disputes between scientists.


The articles published in the Conference Proceedings will be Open-Access articles distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.). The author(s) shall transfer to the editor(s) of the Conference Proceedings the right to spread the electronic version of the paper by all kinds of electronic means. The intellectual property and copyright on the original content of all scientific contributions shall remain with the authors grant. For publication in the Conference Proceedings, exclusive licensing of first publication is given, giving the proceedings the right to produce and disseminate the contributions, whether collectively with other articles or individually, and in all media, forms known or to come.