FEB Odyssey Business Forum

 The resilience and sustainability imperative: how to lead and be successful in times of uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic, disruption in global supply chains, geo-strategical and energy crisis and other unexpected events has globally affected all industrial sectors, pushing public and private institutions to adjust their business models, leadership and governance frameworks. In such an (unprecedented) turbulent scenario, companies of all sizes must be resilient and dynamically respond to find ways how to make their business models resilient and sustainable. 

There are many challenges business world is facing in these uncertain times, like: 

In FEB Odyssey Business Forum we will tackle all these challenges and learn how to cope with them from the business leaders with a proven record of strategically transforming the business and leading corporations and companies in the turbulent times. Our panellist will provide us with the insights on how to lead the business in the uncertain times and what is to be done in order to make the business more resilient and sustainable.