Special track 7

MNC Performance Appraisal Assessment: Insights and Future Pathways

SPECIAL SESSION TITLE: MNC Performance Appraisal Assessment: Insights and Future Pathways


TRACK PROPONENT: JANE MALEY, Sabancı Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, jane.maley@sabanciuniv.edu


SHORT DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED SPECIAL SESSION TOPIC: Management scholars, practitioners and mainstream media have called into question the usefulness of traditional performance appraisals (PA) (Murphy, 2020), and this has been particularly pertinent to multinational corporations (MNS) (Varma et al., 2019). There has been an outcry to discontinue traditional PAs, advocating direct feedback over numerical ratings (Murphy, 2020). Despite concerns about entirely dismissing PA (Goler et al., 2016), their significance (Cappelli & Tavis, 2016; DeNisi et al., 2021), and stakeholder trust and acceptance must be considered (Maley & Moeller, 2014). MNCs grapple with balancing local customs with their core practices (Briscoe & Claus, 2008; Neher & Maley (2020. Since cultural influences impact human resource procedures like PAs more than other functions, optimizing these for various stakeholders is essential. Research has extensively explored the potential correlation between individual and organizational performance (DeNisi & Smith, 2014). Nevertheless, the direct linkage still needs to be discovered. It is vital to re-assess PA methodologies, aiming for individual and broader organizational gains. Though substantial literature addresses performance assessment, gaps persist in understanding PAs in MNCs. This stream invites conference submissions to bridge this chasm, emphasizing areas previously neglected. Given the diverse operational landscapes of MNCs, understanding PA in varied socio-political contexts is imperative.



      the effectiveness of PA in MNCs

      theoretical models exploring PA in MNCs

      setting performance objectives and their alignment with organizational goals.

      creating a sustainable PA across the MNC

      feedback mechanisms and their effectiveness

      role of motivation and its correlation with performance

      role of ethics in MNC PA

      influence of managerial relationships on motivation and performance.

      PA strategies for expatriates versus home-country personnel.

      the PA's role in advancing the world of AI

      assessing the with a virtual relationship