Special track 9

The Impact of University-Industry Engagement and the

Rise of Competency Transfer Partnerships

SPECIAL SESSION TITLE: The Impact of University-Industry Engagement and the Rise of Competency Transfer Partnerships


SHORT DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED SPECIAL SESSION TOPIC:  Liaising with industry has been an issue for public debate during the last decades. Lots or works have been done on the topic already however, it remains a hot issue in public and policy debates. While previously much discussion was focussed on transfer of technologies (until beginning 2000s), transfer of knowledge (2005-2015) and finally knowledge & technology transfer and their impact - the social economic and political influence of research) on regions, nations, and society as a whole, has come to occupy analogous intellectual spaces with concepts such as public value, third mission, and practice lead-research. The new turn has somehow provided a near hysteric questioning space for contestation to emerge in universities where target setting, evaluation, and measures can be fleeting and complex in form. What remains unclear is how this new radical policy innovation will impact on existing research and technological development programmes to support its purported aim of prioritizing joined-up thinking for the co-production of knowledge, value creation and capture, and competitiveness. In particular, we know very little about how university collaborative engagements with industry could be structured, governed, and managed in ways that emphasize the application of deep theoretical and practical insights and experiences to dealing with societal challenges and solving intractable problems within the contingencies of rapid disruptions in existing technological trajectories. To this end, this special topic aims to extend our understanding of the opportunities, potentialities, and limits of the new turn to university-industry engagement and impact, how they are managed and their implications for on regions, nations, and society as a whole. Therefore, we invite rigorous contributions, including conceptual and theoretical papers, state-of-the-art reviews, empirical research (quantitative and qualitative), and case studies from academics and policy experts to advance research on University-industry engagement from multidisciplinary perspectives. 


Papers presented at this special session are invited to submit their papers to a Special Issue in Journal of Technology Transfer: https://www.springer.com/journal/10961/updates/25970428